The Tree of Life

When your mind and heart are in the right place:

…a piece of candy is JUST AS healthy as a piece of organic fruit

…a coke is JUST AS healthy as a bottle of purified reverse osmosis water

…a quarter pounder hamburger is JUST AS healthy as an organic salad

The tree of Life is a life of balance not rules of eat this don’t eat that…

Live free and rest in God’s grace


Jesus Died For Us

Jesus died FOR our sins.
For our sins DOES not mean IN OUR PLACE because God needs His anger satisfied

Sins = our wrong view of God’s true nature

Jesus died to reveal we have been wrong about God.
Jesus died to reveal God is love.
Jesus died to reveal that God would rather die than repay with evil.
Jesus died to reveal that God would rather be killed than kill back.

There is a reason why the New Testament says:
…Jesus is the exact image of God
…The Son radiates God’s own glory
…The Son expresses the VERY character of God
…Jesus is the VISIBLE image of the invisible God
…God in all His FULLNESS was pleased to live in Christ
…God is light and there is NO darkness in Him

Jesus died to reveal God TO us
That’s what Jesus died FOR us means

God is FOR US….and He has always been for us
God never changes…Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever.
Jesus is God!

“no one has ever seen God. But the unique One, who Himself is God, is near to the Father’s heart, He has revealed God to us” John 1:18