In the Spirit 24/7

How many times have you heard Christians say “l am not walking in the Spirit today?” Paul says in Romans 8 that we are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit.

8. And those who are in the flesh cannot please God.
9. However, you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. But if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Him. 10. If Christ is in you, though the body is dead because of sin, yet the spirit is alive because of righteousness.

Maybe we need to renew our minds that we are CONSTANTLY IN THE SPIRIT 24/7 and not in the flesh ANYMORE. AND GOD IS ALWAYS PLEASED WITH US because of our faith!


Conversation with a Christian Coworker

So I am in a conversation with a Christian coworker which begins with the subject on predestination. He said he does not believe in it, but he believes that everyone has a freewill.(We agree) Then, of course, he goes on to tell me “I DONT BELIEVE IN THE LAYING ON OF HANDS HEALING” He tells me that he also believes that speaking in tongues was left with the Apostles. Then he said “I DONT BELIEVE IN FAITH HEALING” And then I told him that I disagreed with him. So I gave him the Scripture about the woman with the blood issue and how Jesus said “woman YOUR FAITH has made you well” … So we go back and forth for awhile AND THEN he tells me a story. He goes on to tell me that he and a few coworkers used to go up to this certain person on the golf coarse and play a trick on him. Each person would take turns and go up to the guy and tell him he didn’t look well even though he looked healthy. They would each ask him if he was feeling ok because he looked sick. So by lunch they were laughing because this guy would go home sick.


So you don’t believe in faith healing, but you believe in faith sick? You believe that if you tell a person enough that they’re sick even though they really are not, then they get sick. WHAT ABOUT VICE VERSA?

Let me get this straight- “I don’t believe in faith healing” BUT “I do believe in faith sick” … I believe that I can constantly tell someone that they look and feel sick even though they aren’t and then THEY ACTUALLY BECOME SICK!……but You can’t go up to a person and tell them that Jesus has ALREADY HEALED YOU and then they get well if they believe it????

Just an interesting conversation I thought I would share 😉

I’m believing in what Jesus said ALREADY HEALED..because of my faith IM HEALED

Your imagination (faith) can become a reality…it works both ways HEALED OR SICK!

According to God’s Word


How many times have you heard. ” it’s only true if it lines up with God’s Word” You automatically wanna think that it’s only true if it lines up with “what the bible says”… Well God’s Word is Jesus! I say it is only true if it lines up with the character of Jesus and what He did. He was an EXACT representation of God. So next time you hear ACCORDING TO GOD’S WORD – remember to think about JESUS. It is all ACCORDING TO JESUS AND HIS NATURE. And if you wanna know who God is? Then study the bible and let God’s Spirit reveal His character to you through JESUS… is ALL ABOUT HIM

A Short Story of a Man Named Job

Job, a rich man who was a believer in God, but he was a “baby Christian”. Just as God sees us perfect, holy, and righteous, this is how He saw Job. God is the Alpha and Omega and He was looking at Job’s end. Job had a lot of fear in him which allowed the devil to take everything he had except his own life. Job was very upset at God. Job had 3 friends who came on the scene and tried to tell him why all these bad things had happened. One day a preacher of righteousness comes along and tells Job that he and his 3 friends are wrong about God. God is a good God and does not afflict anyone. Then God comes on the scene and says “who is this person that is speaking wrong things about Me”. Job finally realizes that he and his 3 friends were wrong about God. Job repents of his sin and says that he did not know God very well in the beginning, but now he has seen the true nature of God. Then God gives Job back a double portion of what he had in the beginning. Job had sons again and some of the most beautiful daughters in the whole land. Job also lived to be 140 years old and saw 4 generations of his family.

Therefore, as Jesus said: “Moses said this …., BUT I SAY THIS…..”

And since Job said: “the Lord has given and the Lord has taken away”


42 CHAPTERS packed into one small paragraph of GOD’S GOODNESS!