Til I Make Your Enemies Your Footstool

Is the enemy at Jesus’ footstool? 

Ephesians 1:20-23  – which He worked in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated at His right hand in the heavenly, far above principality and power and might and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in that which is to come. And He put all under His feet, and gave Him head over all to the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all. 

Jesus is Lord and all principalities and powers, which is the enemy, is His footstool right now. Jesus is at the right hand now way up in heaven and He has given the church, His body, all power and dominion over the enemy! His body, us, the church, is seated with Christ far above to powers of the ruler of this world. Therefore, our enemy is at our footstool!


The Parable of the Seed

I love this poem by Charles Capps:

When the seed is sown in the earth, before the sun can

rise and set, the seed has demanded that your need

be met. The heart will respond without regret, but the

process has only begun, and it is not revealed yet. But

have confidence and respect for the seed, for it has

given its life for what you need. It will work night and

day giving substance to what you say. It will assemble

the information piece by piece and know the exact

time for its release. So set a watch on what you speak

and how you pray, for a time of release comes every

day. Take heed to the words that God has spoken and

obey, for you see the fruit is being fashioned each day.

The process continues until the harvest is perfected in

this very way, for day after day the seed demands and

the earth does obey, but be careful not to tamper with

the seed, for if you do, you may come up with a weed.

But if you encourage it with the water of the Word, it

will supply your every need.

Remember – your words are the seed and the earth is your heart

Trust Completely

Trust in the Lord COMPLETELY, and do not depend on your own knowledge. With EVERY step you take, think about what He wants, and He will help you go the right way.

Proverbs 3:5-6 

How do we trust the Lord completely?

What does God want?

Trust – to place confidence in; depend; to be confident in

Completely – to carry out successfully; fully carried out

Confident – full assurance; absolutely certain 

I believe that God wants what we want. Enjoy serving the Lord, and He will give you whatever you ask for. Psalm 37:4

If you are living according to His will, He will give you the desires of your heart! 

He wants what we want for our own kids and even more. Do any of you have a son? If he asked for bread, would you give him a rock? Or if he asked for a fish, would you give him a snake? Of course not! You people are so bad, but you still know how to give good things to your children. So surely your heavenly Father will give good things to those who ask him. Matthew 7:9-11. 

I do not want my kids sick. I do not want any kind of disease put on my kids. God will save you from hidden dangers and from deadly diseases. A thousand people may fall dead right at your side, but nothing bad will happen to you. No diseases will come near your home. Psalm 91 

I want my kids healthy. These words are the secret of life and health to all who discover them. Proverbs 4:22. 

I want my kids happy. I have told you these things so that you can have the true happiness that I have. I want you to be completely happy. John 15:11 or I am coming to you now. But I pray these things while I am still in the world. I say all this so that these followers can have the true happiness that I have. I want them to be completely happy. John 17:13 

If we know what God wants and we know how to put our trust in God in every circumstance, every step we take, and every thought we make. Then the Lord will give you what your heart desires and lead you the right way. Trust Him completely all the way to the end and you will not be disappointed.

Yes, the Scriptures say, “Anyone who trusts in Him will never be disappointed” Romans 10:11

Fight Your Giant – Be Confident – 1 Samuel 17

Saul told David, you can’t fight this giant; he is way too big for you. You are small and you can’t take this giant on. David replied, I have fought lions and bears and I have killed them with my bare hands. I surely can kill this unclean giant who comes against God. The Lord has delivered me from the lion and the bear; He will deliver me from the hand of this giant. 

Who or what is your giant that is keeping you from doing God’s will?

Are you confident that you can beat your giant? 

Trust – to place confidence in; depend; to be confident in completely

Completely – to carry out successfully; fully carried to the end

Confident – full assurance; absolutely certain 

Hebrews 10:22, 23 – let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith; let us hold fast the confession of our hope without doubting for He who promised is faithful. 

David killed Goliath with one small stone. Our stone, today, is God’s Word. Use His Word as a sword. David took Goliath’s own sword and cut off his head. Take your sword, God’s Word, and cut your enemy’s head off! Be confident. God has given us His Word to kill our giants today. Whatever your giant is, it can be overcome. Cancer, sickness, disease, addictions, lust, and conflicts are all part of the enemy’s plan that keep us from doing God’s will. Psalm chapter 18 is what I call the deliverance chapter which is about the Lord totally delivering David from his enemies. Read it – It is awesome! 

Being confident is being 100% absolutely certain that God will deliver you from any and all circumstances that we go through in this life on earth. Believing that God is able to, but then saying sometimes He does not deliver us is doubting. Hebrews 10:23 says to hold fast to the CONFESSION of your hope without DOUBTING! 

I am holding fast to the confession of my hope that God will deliver me out of ALL of my fears, troubles, afflictions, persecutions, trials, and temptations in my life on earth, because God who promises me this in His word is faithful. In Jesus name Amen and let it be!

Freedom of Speech

I have been studying the Holocaust lately. One thing that I am starting to notice is the similarities that are going on today. So I get a book at the Frisco library called “Tell them we remember”. Hitler was appointed Chancellor in Germany in 1933 and many of the people had believed they had found a savior for their nation. He came promoting a better life for the people and “Change”. This blew me away. The first thing Hitler did when he came to power was that he persuaded his Cabinet to end individual freedoms like: freedom of the press and freedom of speech. The other day I watched a movie called “Expelled” written by Ben Stein. It starts out interviewing professors in college universities who got fired for teaching intelligent design. Some are even getting blackballed for their political and religious beliefs. They got fired for just mentioning creationism or intelligent design. Then of course the movie starts going on about the Holocaust and the hospital where they started killing deformed babies and people with disabilities. One guy Ben interviewed claimed that the Nazis were Darwinists and that is why they were killing people there. While watching this movie I started thinking about the clip by Ray Comfort “180.org” that I watched last week. It is a movie about abortion and the Holocaust and how they are similar. The people in this movie were just totally ignorant on the Holocaust. Allot of the young people interviewed have never even heard of the Holocaust and did not know who Hitler was. This also freaked me out. It has been said that if a nation forgets History that it will repeat itself. In Austria a person gets thrown in prison for claiming the Holocaust did not happen. So why is it that all these things happening now are similar to the Holocaust? It is really strange that the Lord led me to study all these things on the Holocaust. I believe that satan is using the same tactics as he always does. He is subtle and he hates mankind. 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. Over 53 million babies have been murdered since 1973 Roe vs. Wade was passed. Our freedom of speech is being attacked and our freedom is being taken away slowly. If a person today speaks out and claims that marriage is between one man and one woman, it is considered “hate speech” by some today. So why is it that our freedom of speech is under attack? Words are powerful. Our words that come out of our mouths are very important and it is all throughout the bible on how important they are. Why do people get offended when we say Jesus? Because the name “Jesus” means one who saves and the people that get offended are the ones who are not saved. They are under the influence of satan and do not realize they are. The devil knows how important our words are and if he can get Christians to shut their mouths, then nobody could get saved. Think about it. The reason we got saved was because some Christian planted the seed in our heart. God’s word is like seeds being planted in our hearts. Why do people get offended when we say that Jesus is the only way to get to heaven? Because He is God and His 1st commandment says there is only One God and we are to not have any other gods before Him. The devil knows that Jesus is the only way and he is deceiving the whole world into believing that there are many ways to get to heaven. Most of our founding fathers of this country were true Christ followers and they knew how important our freedom of speech was, which is why they implemented freedom of speech. Jesus did say that we as Christians will be persecuted for His Names sake, but does that mean we are supposed to back down and just wait for Him to come get us. No, I do not believe so. We are to stand up and SPEAK. Tell others boldly, in love, that Jesus Christ is the one and only True God. Just as there was only one door to get into Noah’s Ark, there is only one door into heaven and that one door is Jesus Christ. (John 10:9)

Pray the Answers

Do not ask questions why or ask why God allows certain things to happen. Speak and pray the answers. Know that God wants you healed and say that God is going to get glorified in the overcoming of the situation. In John Chapter 9 a man is born blind. The disciples asked Jesus who sinned. Was it the parents fault or was it the mans fault? Well, Jesus did answer the question. He said that it was not either one of their faults. Jesus prayed and spoke the answer. He said that the mighty works of God were going to manifest in this blind man’s body. Jesus basically said this blind man is going to be healed and God is going to get the glory. Ephesians 5:1 tells us to be like Jesus, so when certain situations come in life, do not ask questions why, but pray for the answer and do not doubt. That is being Christlike and having Christlike faith!

My Will

My will for you is in My word. Seek Me first and get My word inside of you. Deep inside your heart. It is my greatest desire that you be healthy and successful here on earth. If you will listen to My voice and seek to do all that is written in the bible, I will make you healthy, wealthy, and prosperous! Think of Me and My words as speaking directly to you personally as you read My word. Do not pick and choose certain things in My word and base them on your own philosophy, but live by every Word that comes out of My mouth. The bible that you have is My word to you. It has in perfect detail My perspective on All things pertaining to life here on earth. I give you my thoughts on murder, lying, stealing, adultery, divorce, marriage, homosexuality, abortion, fornication, and many other issues. My word will show you how I look at the world and everything you need to know about current social issues. If you seek Me first, I will supply all of your needs. Have complete satisfaction in Me and My word and I will give you the desires of your heart. Come to Me first and I will perfect all things that concern you. So seek Me first and I will fill you with the knowledge of My will for you in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. My will is the same as My word. Read it and constantly meditate on it. Starting Now!

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