Sinless Life?

Is it possible to live a sinless life? I thought all things are possible with God! Jesus did it as a man. He was in a right relationship with God the Father. Are we not in a right relationship with God? Don’t we have the mind of Christ? And can we not take every thought captive that is contrary to His word and submit it to Jesus? If we keep our mind constantly on God, will He not keep us in perfect peace? If we walk in the Spirit, we won’t fulfill the lusts of the flesh –Right? Are we not supposed to thirst for righteousness? All things are possible except living a sinless life? I can do all things through Christ except live a sinless life? I am sorry but this does not agree with me. If we focus on sin, then we get law and religion. If we focus on Grace, then we get a sinless life, Holy, Righteous, and perfection pours out of our Spirit! That is our nature now, not a sinful nature that was crucified!