Preaching a Good God

So if I preach an ABSOLUTE good God to someone and then another Christian comes along and says “oh that’s good news but that is not what God says”, YOU are hindering that person from receiving good news!

My interpretation of Mark 9:38-40

And one of Jesus’ followers said “Master we saw someone preaching NOTHING but a good God AND it really doesn’t line up with OUR theology so we FORBID him to preach that way” And Jesus replied, “LEAVE HIM ALONE! He is preaching the goodness of God. He that is not against us is FOR US!

I preach freedom in Christ. SO WHAT if I preach that God delivers every soul out of hell. So what if I preach that the Old Testament saints did not have it all right in their thoughts about God. So what if my theology doesn’t line up with yours. So what if I preach the Kingdom of God is ALREADY here. So what if I preach HYPER GRACE. So what if I preach ALL can be physically healed from ALL sicknesses and diseases in this life! So what if I preach the Great Tribulation has already happened in 70AD. So what if I say I’m not a sinner anymore in Christ! So what if I teach something completely different than you’re being taught in the church today!

I preach Christ. I preach REST in Christ. I preach relationship with Christ. I preach salvation in Christ in this life and the next. I’m for Christ. It is the goodness of God that leads people to repentance! That is what I preach and always will. If you don’t like it FORBID ME NOT and block/delete me from FB, but please don’t hinder someone else from being set free in Christ!


3 thoughts on “Preaching a Good God

  1. Clint, can you provide a detailed definition of “absolute good God”? I believe that God is absolutely God, according to everything that the Bible teaches about Him.

    • Jesus is the detailed EXACT representation of the Father. Jesus is the Word of God. ALL Scripture points to Jesus.

      • Why would someone be upset about you saying that? Your answer isn’t very detailed, so I assume that isn’t all you are saying, but I don’t see anything wrong with your basic premise. I am curious about your views of the Great Tribulation and the Millennial Kingdom. Can you elaborate on that?

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