I can’t imagine Jesus telling the Islamic extremists “I am gonna ALLOW you to hijack 4 airplanes and fly into the World Trade Center and kill over 3000 innocent people” Did you know that many Christians actually believe that God ordained those evil men to fly planes into those buildings on 9/11? Did you know that many Christians believe that EVERY EVIL EVENT THAT OCCURS is APPOINTED and APPROVED by GOD?

I pray pray pray for all Christians that believe in this sickening theology!

God doesn’t cause evil
God doesn’t ordain evil
God doesn’t allow evil

There is still evil in the world, but I ASSURE YOU it is NOT from God. Saying that God allows evil is the same thing as God causing evil. There is only ONE who is evil and that is SATAN SATAN SATAN. He is the cause of evil and humans doing evil are influenced by SATAN!

Jesus is the EXACT representation of God. If you can’t imagine Jesus telling terrorists to fly planes into buildings and killing people then DON’T IMAGINE GOD saying or doing it! These evil men that killed over 3000 people were influenced by SATAN –
Not God!


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