So the Scriptures say that Lucifer got jealous and was going to exalt himself above God. Was he angry with God ? He had freewill just like us didn’t he? Don’t we get angry when we are jealous and can’t have what we want? The reason for these questions:

What if the anger has been Satan All along? What if God HAS NEVER BEEN ANGRY?

Did God tell Adam and Eve that He was going to kill them if they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil? NO. It was a warning out of love. I believe that Satan was angry with God and when Adam and Eve ate this fruit, the jealous/anger of the devil was put into them which led them to believe God was angry with them. Moses struck the rock in anger even though God told him to speak to the rock. This portrayed an angry God to all of God’s children. This is why Jesus came. He came to reveal that God HAS NEVER been angry with His children. It has been Satan all along. There is no wrath of God. It is the wrath of the devil! Jesus came and WILLINGLY laid His life down to the devil for us. It was not God’s wrath poured out on Jesus. It was Satan pouring out his wrath on Him. Jesus’ life was a ransom for our sin paid TO Satan BY God. Jesus laid His life down TO Satan FOR US!

For you know that God paid a ransom to SAVE YOU from the EMPTY LIFE you inherited from your ancestors. 1 Peter 1:18 (NLT)


5 thoughts on “GOD’S WRATH?

  1. You are saying that God owed Satan Jesus? Based on what? Show me where God ever owed Satan anything. Also, “there is no wrath of God?” Again, based on what. I don’t see the scripture supporting any of these statements, but I am interested in your explanation.

    • Here is the first thought that comes to mind. If someone kidnapped your children, and you were to give YOUR life as a ransom. You give your life TO the one who kidnapped your children. That’s what happened with Adam and Eve. Even though they willingly misused and gave up their freedom, Satan immediately kidnapped them. That’s when Jesus came and willingly laid his life down to the kidnapper (Satan) as a ransom. šŸ˜Š

  2. We are talking about kidnapping thought. Sin separates us from a holy and perfect God. Separation from God is hell. Satan does not own a non-believer. The wages of sin is not ownership by Satan. The wages of sin is death and separation from God. Sin is what separated Satan from God, and it is what separates us from God. Satan knows that he will pay for what he has done, and he is trying to take as many people down with. Satan doesn’t own anything except a ticket to eternal punishment. Jesus died on the cross to be the sacrifice for our sins so that God does not hold those sins against us. God is a righteous God, and sin against God cannot go unpunished. That is what the sacrifice of Jesus is for, for the payment to God for our sins. Jesus sacrifice nullifies our sins in God’s sight. I am interested in where you are getting this concept from. I have never seen this idea found anywhere in the Bible.

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