God’s Perspective on Down Syndrome Pt. 3


“He looks like a healthy normal toddler to me”

That’s what the Doc said as she was walking out of the door at Isaac’s 15 month wellness check up. Isaac was 7 months old when he started losing weight because his body wouldn’t take regular formula. We had to take him to Children’s Hospital and they put a feeding tube in him to get him back up to normal weight. Julie couldn’t breast feed him because he had a poor latch. So we decided to give him unpasteurized raw milk and believe me the Doctors DID NOT recommend we do this. But, with prayer we decided to go against what the Doctors recommended. Nothing against Doctors (well maybe a little against them 🙂 ), but to this day he still LOVES the raw milk. Whooooohooo go God go!

I am reminded of this Scripture John 9:2 As Jesus was passing by a blind man that was born that way. His disciples asked Him why he was born that way? Who sinned? Jesus answered NEITHER . My paraphrase: You guys don’t ask why bad things happen! Quit trying to figure out what caused the blindness and STAY FOCUSSED ON THE HEALING and GIVING GOD GLORY! This is how we choose to focus on Isaac’s situation. We don’t ask questions and we CERTAINLY DONT BLAME GOD. We focus on Isaac ALREADY HEALED and we give GOD the glory. Thank You Jesus for our beautiful “healthy normal toddler”


3 thoughts on “God’s Perspective on Down Syndrome Pt. 3

  1. I stand in faith with you that Isaac and our son, Garrett, have been healed and that healing will be fully manifested in them. I praise God with you for your good report, for all He has done for us, and for all we have yet to receive.

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