Worship God Through Secular Music

So I am downloading an old band I used to listen to all the time before I became a Christian, then I started to put my headphones on. I felt God was saying to me, “go get a pen and pad and write this down” As I’m listening to the song this is what I wrote down…

Go on live your life in the freedom that I have given you. This does not give you a license to sin. You may sometimes slip, but it is ok. I will never condemn you. I will never punish you. Love life, love your wife, love your kids – I have totally set you free. Enjoy the music that makes you happy and don’t let the past haunt you – MOVE ON – I have freed you from that old past lifestyle. My Spirit is in you now and I will guide you. I will always love you because you have put your faith in Me. And peace I give to you!

Wow! God spoke to me as I worshipped Him through secular music. This experience of mine was the closest I have ever been to God through music – AND IT WASN’T EVEN CHRISTIAN! Haha Go God Go!

Has anyone else ever experienced this?


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