I remember when I was court ordered to go to Alcoholics Anonymous. I had just turned my life over to Christ. The first thing we did was gather, hold hands, and recite the Lord’s prayer. “Hmm” I thought to myself, “maybe these people are Christians”. Boy was I wrong. It really bothered me when EVERY single person that gave their testimony stood up and said my name is “joe blow” and I AM AN ALCOHOLIC. I don’t know why this bothered me so much. When it got time for me to give my testimony, I stood up and said my name is Clint and I am NOT an alcoholic. I told everyone that Jesus Christ was my savior and He can totally heal me from ANY addiction. At the end of that night I remember a lady came up to me and told me not to use the name Jesus. She said that her dad was a preacher growing up and raped her. Wow, I told her, but I said I didn’t mean to offend her, but it was the truth and it’s how I believed. Later as the classes went on, I began to sense that most people thought that they would never be free from their problem. Addiction was all around the smoke filled room. As I look back today I really believe that the Lord used me that day to share with people that God can heal ANY addiction. Now as a mature Christian, I realize my identity in Christ. Now I know why it bothered me so much and why I was not going to call myself an alcoholic. The bible says “as a man thinks in his heart so is he.” I unconsciously knew who I was in my core being. Holy, Righteous, and perfect! Thank you Lord for removing my desire to drink alcohol.

If you have an addiction problem, please consider giving your life to Christ. He can totally free you from ALL addictions. Please contact me if you need help asking Jesus in your heart!


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