My people will go into exile far away because they do not know Me. Isaiah 5:13

God will give me more and more grace and peace as I grow in the knowledge of God and my Lord Jesus. By His divine power, God has given me everything I need to live a godly life. And I have received ALL of this by getting to know Him! I have also received exceedingly great and precious promises and from these promises I share in His Divine Nature. I have escaped the corruption of this world caused by sinful desires. So with all of this knowledge, I will make every effort to respond to God’s promises. I will give all of my energy, which comes from Jesus, and add to my faith power, and add to my power knowledge, and to my knowledge self-control, and to my self-control patience, and to my patience godliness, and to my godliness brotherly kindness, and to my brotherly kindness love. So, the more I grow like this, the more productive and useful I will be in my knowledge of Jesus Christ. However, if I fail to develop this way or lack in any of these things(knowledge), I will become short-sighted or blind and not knowing the truth or forgetting that my sins have been forgiven. I must remember that God has called me and chosen me to be one of His very own son’s. I must try and do my very best to live in a way that shows I am one of His chosen one’s. If I do all of this, I will never stumble. And God will grant me a grand entrance into the eternal Kingdom of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The truth alone does not set me free, but it is KNOWING the truth that truly sets me free!

2 Peter 1:2-11
John 8:32


3 thoughts on “Knowledge

  1. Clint, regarding living a perfect life this side of heaven, I often look at those closest to Jesus, his disciples. Knowing that his disciples did not live a perfect life, how can a Christian in the world today claim to live a perfect life? I understand that 2 Peter 1 is saying that we have faith, power, knowledge, self-control, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness, which is everything we need to never stumble, but I have yet to meet or hear about any single person in the history of mankind that has accomplished this other than Jesus. Can you clarify on what you are asserting in this post? Are you saying that you now live a perfect life, or that you continue to improve in all of the areas mentioned, and that your life more closely resembles Christ each day? Hope all is well with you and your family!

    • Hi Khris,
      All I did was take the scripture 2 pet1:2-11 and replaced “you” with “I”. Basically personalizing it for me.

      example: If you walk in the Spirit, you will have life and peace. If I walk in the Spirit, I will have life and peace.

      Thanks Khris,
      I hope everyone is doing good

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