Joel Osteen

Why are Christians attacking this ministry? So what if Joel preaches on prosperity. Prosperity is biblical. Have you not read proverbs? There is an attack on the charismatic movement, why? Joel is a Christian brother, so why are other Christian brothers and sisters attacking him. The Pharisees attacked Jesus. Is this what is going on here? Is Joel’s ministry not bringing people to Christ? Joel does not preach “another gospel”. The “another gospel” that Paul was talking about in Galatians was people were saying that you had to go back under the law instead of Grace. Joel preaches the Gospel message and he is going to be in heaven with all Christian brothers and sisters, so please quit attacking your brother Joel and please quit attacking the charismatic brothers and sisters in Christ.


2 thoughts on “Joel Osteen

  1. I have not read much on the prosperity gospel, but if I was to try and poke holes in Joel’s beliefs, I would start by asking what he means when he says that there is only one way to God, which is Jesus, but there are many ways to Jesus.

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