Judgement for Sins

I am not a practicing sinner. I consider myself dead to sin. Thank you Jesus for covering all of my sins on the cross. All of my sins, past, present, and future sins have been taken care of! I do not practice sin and it does not reign in my body. If I do mess up, Your Holy Spirit convicts me and lets me know that I was wrong. Not a condemning conviction but a convincing conviction. Since I am in Christ, I am not condemned to hell. All of Your judgment for my sin was placed on You on the cross. Even All of my sinful desires HAVE BEEN nailed to the cross! Thank You Jesus! Thank you for redeeming me from the curse of the law! All of Your blessings in Your Word are mine today and forever in heaven! 

Food for thought:   If I am a born again believer and I forget to confess a certain sin in my life and then I die, what happens to me on judgment day? 

If you are a born again believer and you do not confess your sins after you have been saved, you will still go to heaven. And you will not be judged for these sins on judgment day! All judgment for sins and transgressions have been placed on Jesus Christ. On judgment day the born again believer will only be judged(rewarded) for the good deeds he/she has done here on earth. There will be no judgment for sins for the born again believer on the last day. I pray for all believers in Christ who believe that they will be judged for the sins that they do not confess. I pray for the unbelievers who have not received the grace that Christ provides for them today. Thank you Jesus for Your Grace that You have provided for every born again believer. IN THE NAME OF JESUS – AMEN


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