My Thoughts on Science

Ok first off, I am not scientist or a marine biologist, but some things I learned this past weekend were very interesting to me. It is funny to see the different views scientists have on the end of the world. It is also funny to me how these attraction events are trying to teach us and our children what we need to do to survive. We went to Moody Gardens and the NASA Space Center this weekend for a family vacation. At Moody Gardens we watched a 3D movie on saving the ocean animals. It was mostly about sardines migrating all over the ocean. The narrator made some comment on how we need to all join together and help save the animals. He also focused on Africa and how it’s people are really doing something about this and we need to be more like them. He also mentioned Global Warming. Then we go to NASA. The basic theme here was how this planet eventually will not have life on it and we need to learn how to survive on Mars. So one question that popped up in my mind was this: What if our Founding Fathers thought this way? Where would we be? To those who know me, know I don’t think like a lot of Christians do. I believe that this earth does survive. The Kingdom of Heaven is within us. I believe the new heaven and the new earth is already here. The bible says in Psalm 37 that the wicked will be cut off and the righteous will inherit the earth. When does this happen? Read Duet. 28. Even though we are no longer under that covenant, it still gives us some good info on prosperity for a nation. The whole bible is about Jesus and salvation and about God’s people receiving freedom, land, prosperity, health, wealth, and peace. Salvation comes through Jesus Christ and Him alone. There is only one way and it is through Him. We can’t change the world or it’s people. The only way to get this earth back on track is get it’s people back on track. And the only WAY to get it’s people back on track is to receive Jesus Christ as a personal savior. I believe that this earth will replenish itself once the people get their minds in the right place. And for me, the right place is in Christ – PERFECT PEACE! There is a harvest here on this planet. Yes science may have found some source of life on Mars, but there is no harvest there. I believe the new heaven and earth is here and It came down over 2000 years ago. I believe the Tree of Life is here on this earth and IT is here now. (Revelation 21:14-15). So won’t you accept your harvest today? Accept Jesus Christ and start sowing the Truth and reap a harvest.

You + Jesus = Salvation

Salvation = Harvest

Harvest = freedom, peace, prosperity, health, and wealth !


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