Another Gospel

Ok, I just read the whole book of Galatians twice and meditated on it for the past two days. It is very clear to me that those who were preaching “another gospel” were the ones who were trying to get Christians to fall away from God’s grace and start following the law again. Paul says not to listen to preaching other than what we heard from the beginning. The Gospel message is not based on human reasoning. Paul received the message directly from Jesus and when it happened, he did not rush to consult with any humans. He didn’t even consult with the Apostles until 3 yrs. later. 14 years later he went to Jerusalem and met privately with leaders and they didn’t demand that Titus had to be circumcised. So this means that this “another gospel” was that some were teaching you had to be circumcised before/after to be a Christian. Paul says that they were secretly spying on Christians in the church trying to steal their freedom in Christ. They were trying to get them to follow Jewish regulations. Even Peter himself fell back into this trap. Paul says he was led astray because of his hypocrisy. Peter was worried what others might think of him. (Gal. 2:12-13) Paul also says that we are sinners if we as Christians try to rebuild the old system that has already been torn down. We can’t be perfect by human effort and the Holy Spirit didn’t come by obeying the Law. And God doesn’t work miracles by obeying the law, but they come because of our faith. In chp 5 he says Christ has truly set us free so don’t get caught up in slavery to the law again. God has called us to freedom. The false teaching is like yeast and it spreads through the whole batch. Paul also says to be careful and not use this freedom to satisfy the sinful nature. We use our freedom to serve others. Then Paul goes into the desires of the Holy Spirit and the desires of the sinful nature battling each other. I believe a Christian has fallen back into the law when they are in this type of situation that Paul is describing. And this same battle he talks about in Romans 7 (doing the things we know we shouldn’t). I hear Christians say that they don’t want to sin, but they do anyway. I believe that they are slipping back into the law. Paul says in Galatians 5:24 that “those who belong to Christ Jesus have nailed the passions and desires of their sinful nature to His cross and crucified them there”. Then in chapter 6 Paul says that it does happen to some Christians and we are to try and bring them back to Christ’s law (GRACE) gently. And that law is Grace which truly sets us free. Finally in BIG CAPITAL letters Paul says there were false teachers trying to force Christians to be circumcised. And those teachers were not even following the whole law themselves. So anyway, this “another gospel” to me, is any false teaching that tries to steal away my freedom that Christ has given me. Like I have been saying, “if we believe a lie from satan, we will fall back into slavery (the law) and be accursed”.  However, the grace message is the message that I heard from the beginning and I am a new creation NOW and forever. I think it is very important to let the Holy Spirit be the one to reveal the truth to us not humans!


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