The Parable of the Seed

I love this poem by Charles Capps:

When the seed is sown in the earth, before the sun can

rise and set, the seed has demanded that your need

be met. The heart will respond without regret, but the

process has only begun, and it is not revealed yet. But

have confidence and respect for the seed, for it has

given its life for what you need. It will work night and

day giving substance to what you say. It will assemble

the information piece by piece and know the exact

time for its release. So set a watch on what you speak

and how you pray, for a time of release comes every

day. Take heed to the words that God has spoken and

obey, for you see the fruit is being fashioned each day.

The process continues until the harvest is perfected in

this very way, for day after day the seed demands and

the earth does obey, but be careful not to tamper with

the seed, for if you do, you may come up with a weed.

But if you encourage it with the water of the Word, it

will supply your every need.

Remember – your words are the seed and the earth is your heart


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