Pray the Answers

Do not ask questions why or ask why God allows certain things to happen. Speak and pray the answers. Know that God wants you healed and say that God is going to get glorified in the overcoming of the situation. In John Chapter 9 a man is born blind. The disciples asked Jesus who sinned. Was it the parents fault or was it the mans fault? Well, Jesus did answer the question. He said that it was not either one of their faults. Jesus prayed and spoke the answer. He said that the mighty works of God were going to manifest in this blind man’s body. Jesus basically said this blind man is going to be healed and God is going to get the glory. Ephesians 5:1 tells us to be like Jesus, so when certain situations come in life, do not ask questions why, but pray for the answer and do not doubt. That is being Christlike and having Christlike faith!


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