The Watermelon Seed

A watermelon seed is the substance of what you are hoping will produce when you plant it. It needs good soil, water and the sun to produce. It doesn’t happen overnight. That watermelon seed which is the size of your finger nail that was planted in the ground germinates. You do not know how it happens, but it does. You still have to do things to this bud so it will grow properly. For instance, you have to water it, you have to pull the weeds around it or keep weeds from coming up. Over time, this small seed produces a huge watermelon. Our words or prayers operate in these same principles. You speak or have faith in what you desire. Faith, spoken words, and seeds are the substance of the things we hope for. We do not doubt and wait patiently for what we desire to come to pass. If you plant a watermelon seed, a cantaloupe will not come up. What you plant is what you get. In Joshua 1:8 God told Joshua to meditate on His word. The Hebrew word for meditate here is “to mutter”. Mutter means to talk indistinctly in a low voice. God’s word is absolutely true. Whatever He says is the truth and it is not a lie. Jesus said you can have what you say and anything you ask for in prayer you will receive if you can just believe it. Matthew 21:21-22. When we command the prayer of faith or pray the prayer of faith, believe without doubting and it will come to pass. Even though the mountain that you prayed for to be removed might still be in your path, stand firm and see it with the eye of faith as being removed. Be patient, it takes time for what you planted to grow. And while you are waiting constantly mutter God’s word over and over. God’s words are seeds being planted in your heart producing a harvest some 30, some 60, and some 100 times! Bearing fruit, more fruit, and much fruit in Jesus Name!


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