I Do the Things I Dont Wanna Do

Are you struggling with sin or in a spiritual battle?
Everytime you mess up, do you find yourself going back to these verses saying, “well im just doing what Paul said,
Im doing the things I know I shouldnt be doing”?

In Romans chapter 7:14 Paul says the trouble is not with the law, it is with me. He says he doesnt really understand himself, I want to do what is right, but I dont do it. He says I know what I am doing is wrong…In vs 18 he says And I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature. So why does Paul say here he has a sinful nature when back in Romans chapter 6:6 that our old sinful selves were crucified with Christ? He also says in 7:5 that we WERE controlled by our old nature. When Paul said, ” I do the things I dont want to do”, he was writting in a ‘historical present voice’. Meaning that he was thinking about when he was under the law. When we are living under the law it is miserable because we cant live by it. Paul said in vs 24 ” oh what a miserable man I am, who will free from this life of sin and death. The answer is Jesus Christ. There is total freedom in Jesus Christ and I am talking about freedom from sin and the spiritual battle. Colossians 3 says that we are seated with Christ in the heavenly places. Guess what? there is no sin there and there is no spiritual battle there. We are seated high above the dark principalities and powers of the world. The bible says to think on the things that are above, the good things, things of a good report and the God of peace will be with us! How can you be in a spiritual battle and be in peace with God?

Now, the key to understanding this is to go back to the very beginning of the chapter. Paul says Brothers and sisters -you who are familiar with the law – Back then and believers today tend to slide back under the law causing us to become slaves to sin again. Read Galatians 3. Christians were sliding back into the law. We need to keep I mind that our sinful nature has been crucified and that we are not under the law anymore. We are under Grace now. The law was given to point out sin and grace was given to point out that Jesus took your sin. God is no longer dealing with sin. We are no longer slaves to sin , but slaves to righteousness. Romans 6:16

Living by the law empowers sin to have control over you. Living under grace empowers you to have self – control over sin and the spiritual battle.

Dont fall back under the law!


5 thoughts on “I Do the Things I Dont Wanna Do

  1. Hi Clint! Good to see you at church today. I’m guessing Pastor Marc’s sermon really set you on edge, as your study of scripture has led you to a number of things which are obviously in stark contrast to what is taught at CrossRidge Church. I generally don’t respond to things with which I vehemently disagree, because no one is ever convinced in these situations: both sides are so firmly entrenched in their thinking–right or wrong–that it’s just a fruitless exercise in semantic gymnastics…one that accomplishes a net result of zero (except perhaps negative emotions and hurt feelings).

    That being said, I do want to point out one very important linguistic point:

    You said: “… he was writting in a ‘historical present voice’.”

    It is important to note that the classification of words is a very important part of understanding mood, style, and context of a particular piece of scripture. However, in this case, you seem to be using it as a sole means of justification of the sinless perfection doctrine. Essentially, this is a bit of a circular arrangement. We construct various literary classifications of language in order to better understand the text in the original language, and then we turn around and use the man-made, artificial constructs to INTERPRET the meaning behind the scripture. To say that this does not allow the entrance of certain arbitrary enforcement of interpretations favorable to our own viewpoint can be quite dangerous, and have led to some pretty serious lapses in Christian doctrine.

  2. Hey Jessie, nice to see you today too. No I wasn’t on edge. I have learned to respectfully agree to disagree with people who dont believe the way I do. The reason I believe this way is because of my experiences that God has shown me in my struggle with a pornography addicton in the past. I am all about the doctrine that teaches total freedom in Christ, which I believe is biblical. It is my belief that a spiritual battle is not total freedom. The only battlefield left is OUR own carnal minds and thank God He has given us the mind of Christ so that we can take every thought captive that is contrary to His Word and submit it to Jesus.Renewing our minds and keeping our minds on Him gives us perfect peace. Is 26:3 and Romans 12:2. You know the bible says that there were false bretheren in the church that snuck in to steal away our freedom in Christ. Im preaching that there is more freedom in Christ Jesus than what most people in church is being taught. So does that make what I believe a false teaching? One thing is for sure, I know for a fact that ever since I made the decision to accept Christ in my heart 6 yrs ago, I have done a complete 180 turn around from the way I was living. I am steadfastly growing in my faith and my walk with Christ weather anyone at Crossridge believes me or not. And Jesus Christ gets all the glory, not me! For more on the way I believe, I would recommend the book “Eyes of Honor” by Jonathan Welton. It might explain the Romans 7 theology better than I do.
    Thanks for responding Jessie 🙂
    Love ya bro

    • Hey, bro. Love you back!

      I think where I find this idea potentially dangerous is when people take this idea and run with it, saying, “Through Christ, I am no longer a sinner,” and they take that to mean they are impervious to sinful temptation. I believe the very moment that someone has that belief, they are a target for the sin of pride, which can be one of the most destructive sins in Satan’s arsenal…and one of the “sneakiest.” Pride cometh before a fall, and the greater the pride, the more spectacular the devastation.

      From 1 John Chapter 1:

      8 If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

      Personally, I know the darkness that is in my heart…because it is a human heart. I have been forgiven and have been “set free” from the penalty of sin under the Old Law. And, I have been set free from the sin itself, provided I accept that freedom and continually choose to experience that freedom. But I can tell you that this “mortal coil” still occasionally tries to exert itself, and sometimes it gains ground…often times it loses ground (praise God).

      I’m just afraid someone who believes they have mastered the mind has a greater probability of falling victim to subversive temptation because their guard is down. (I’m speaking in general terms, btw, and not about you specifically).

  3. One more thing I would like to add to explain my point:

    In the book “Eyes of Honor” Jonathan Welton claims that 82% of men in the church struggle with lust. If these men don’t know who they are in Christ and go to the scriptures in Romans 7. “I do the things I don’t want to do” They will feel like they are trapped and cannot get out of this sin. If a man struggling with lust says to himself “I do the things I don’t want to do” then he is calling himself powerless and does not have any self-control. The bible clearly states that we have the fruit of the spirit self-control and that sin does not have control/dominion over us. God has given us everything we need to live a godly life. Struggling with lust is a tough battle to overcome, but it can be done. And these Romans 7 verses can put a man struggling with lust in bondage if he is not interpreting it right. Trust me I personally have been there and I have overcome with the help of the grace of God and knowing who I am in Christ.

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